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Cindy Blackburn

I have always been drawn to nature and art, in one form or another.



Welcome! Since 1980, I have been a custom jewelry designer and fabricator with a focus on custom gold work and developing design ideas on a wholesale and retail basis, including wedding rings. I produce an ever-changing line of silver and gold jewelry, which I market through art and craft shows, which includes earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and pins.

My handcrafted jewelry designs are inspired by the intrinsic nature of minerals and gemstones, glass and interesting found objects. Trees and nature are a great influence as I work with the composition, color, texture, and practical wear of each piece. Each unique jewelry creation tells a story, whether by the origin of the stone or the materials used, or by the evolution of design and energy that others invoke into the process.

At the Gem Cutter’s Guild in Baltimore, I teach basic and advanced cold forging of non-ferrous metals. At Caldron Crafts in Baltimore, I have taught basic forging, wax carving, and basic jewelry repairs.

My designs are one-of-a-kind spirits with a soul, from the earth and from the energy of creation. My line stays fresh and exciting as I work from spontaneity as well as planning.

I am happy to share my creations with you.


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